Write Your Fire ~ #1 in Series


For 37 years as a writing coach and author’s mentor, I’ve heard other adults tell me some variation of this writing block:

“I’m afraid to tell you what I think.”

“I don’t want people to know who I really am” or “…what I really believe.”

Along with directing their creative writing, my work mostly involves opening the invisible cell doors that seem so real to people and letting them know it’s their adult work to emerge and be who they are.

Voice = content and passion. Voice = individuality and distinction from other writers.

On a personal level, when you quench your voice you quench your personal fire. When it comes to publishing, dulling down your voice makes you less potent, creative and interesting to both publishers and readers.

As a writer, incorporate all the content, colors and energies that define your voice.

But how do you do that, if there are voices in your head that want to block or censor what you have to say?

This series of posts in The Power of a Conscious Writer™ will help you find and release the power of your unique voice and start writing with all the fire that is you.

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