Look Deep… Listen Deeper ~ #2 in Series


Until you can look past the you other people think they see or want to see, you will never know your true self and your true voice… never know who you really are.

The power of your voice is found when you are willing to meet and accept all of you. Happy you. Sad you. Angry you. Funny you. Creative you. Ideoligical / philosophical you.

Until you look and listen to what all of you is saying, not just the acceptable aspects, and maybe even see even the parts of you that you don’t want to see, some of your power as a writer is lost to you… and actually to everyone else, too. You’ll remain only a partial person. Not a fake, but not really fully real either. As a writer, you’re muffling your voice.

Maturing as a writer means accepting and using your mature voice. That means growing up inward – becoming all of who you are when you’re not lost in the wilderness of other people’s personalities, beliefs, demands and ideas.

Take time to write out opinions and beliefs you’ve never voiced out loud. Connect yourself solidly to the inner terrain of your mind and soul.

To do this is like raising land up from the floor of the sea and creating new territory to inhabit that is all yours. That is to say, this creates good inner ground for your public writing.

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